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At Pierini A Solution For Beauty Cosmetic & Laser Center we are bringing this page to you so that you can see what many other current and prospective patients have on their mind. We all want to know the answer to many of our questions, and here is the perfect opportunity to ask your questions online.

We anticipate that we will receive many questions from all of you, and we will try to answer as many as possible. Our first priority is to answer those questions that relate to patient safety, and then those that spark comminity interest. We will update this page on a regular basis, and we hope that you find this to be informative and interesting.

We will also add blogs and newsworthy information that we feel is in the best interest of the general patient population.


This is not a site for you to ask for legal/medical advice, as the proper method to have those specific questions answered is in the presence of a physician. A physician must evaluate each and every patient for individual concerns, as each person reacts differently to various treatments.


QUESTION: I have been hearing a great deal of information in the media regarding stem cells. Are there any applications for this technology in plastic surgery?
Sandy - Miami Beach

ANSWER: Plastic Surgeons have been using patients' own fat as a treatment to restore volume and contour into the face and body for many years. Only recently, has it been discovered that fat tissue has a high concentration of stem cells. The highest concentration of stem cells being found in the fat around the flanks, otherwise known as the "love handles." After fat transfer to the face, there are significant changes to the complexion of the skin. The pores become closer together, the pigmentation becomes lighter and the skin looks shinier. At the same time, the skin becomes tighter, creating a more youthful appearance. This technique has become known as the "Stem Cell Facelift."

During the Stem Cell Facelift, fat can be injected into the nasalabial folds, under the eyelids, the cheek area, around the lips and under the temporalis muscle near the sideburn area. The "take" of the fat and stem cells is excellent. The stem cells act as a rejuvenator to the tissues already there, resulting in skin with an overall younger, tighter appearance. The benefits are excellent, both short and long term and very rarely need touch-ups. Sometimes this procedure is all that is required to produce an excellent improvement in facial rejuvenation, without the traditional facelift incisions, post-operative recovery and cost. In some cases, I perform this procedure in combination with neck lifts to tighten and contour the neck muscles and jawline, utilizing a minimal earlobe incision when necessary. After injection, the fat can be manually molded and sculpted toreach an optimal aesthetic result. There are really no serious side effects with this technique. The most common being some small "lumpy" areas that can usually be resolved with manual massage pressure. Prices for this procedure are less than traditional facelift techniques.

I also use this fat transfer method to revise poor liposuction results that appear with areas of skin uneveness, rippling and thinning out of the skin from over-aggressive removal of subcutaneous fat. Fat tissue is placed under the skin where the rippling occurs to produce a smoother, more even contoured appearance. This method has proven to be effective in helping these problem patients.

QUESTION: I've always considered cosmetic procedures to be too expensive for the average Joe, but am still interested in getting some work done. How can someone like me who makes a middleclass salary afford the types of procedures you offer?

Javier - North Miami Beach

ANSWER: Once reserved for only the rich and famous, plastic surgery today has become extremely popular and accessible to most of mainstream America. There is a wide range of procedures and price points to suit everyone's budget. A large percentage of patients take advantage of numerous, reliable cosmetic surgery finance companies, like, to go forward with their desired surgery procedures. Also, many plastic surgeons offer "lay-a way" plans that allow the patient to make small monthly installment payments until their surgery is paid in full.

I suggest you schedule an appointment with a board-certified plastic surgeon to discuss your needs and to develop an individualized plan to suit your specific budget. It is possible to obtain very dramatic improvements with minimally invasive procedures that are inexpensive and require minimal downtime and recovery.

QUESTION:   Over the years, I have noticed more and more lines appearing on my face around my eyes, on my forehead, and around my mouth, and feel like it might be time for me to consider a cosmetic procedure, but I am deathly afraid of needles and scalpels. What other options do I have?

Gene - Miami Beach

ANSWER:There are various options you could consider starting with the least invasive and progressing to more traditional forms of facial rejuvenation procedures like facelifts, eyelid and forehead lifts. The easiest way to "dip your toe in the water" would involve developing a physician grade skin care program tailored to your type of facial skin and its specific needs. You would meet with a skin care specialist who would select a regimen of high quality products that would involve: 1) exfoliating dead skin 2) replenishing missing ingredients for healthy skin 3)moisturizingyour skin 4) stimulating new healthy skin growth and 5) protecting your skin from the sun's harmful rays. This program would be combined with a series of facial peels and ultrasound massages to help with the rejuvenation process, without needles and scalpels. After a short time, you would see a significant improvement in the appearance and texture of your skin. It is important to do this with the supervision of a plastic surgeon or dermatologist who works with physician grade skin care products to really obtain an effective result.

The next level of skin rejuvenation involves laser skin resurfacing methods to penetrate the skin's outer layer and stimulate new, healthy skin care growth from within, while resurfacing and removing older skin cells from the surface. There are various lasers available on the market that accomplish this with minimal down time and discomfort. The most popular of these lasers is the FRAXEL, which usually requires a series of monthly treatments spread out over four months. After the procedure your skin becomes red like a mild sunburn, and then slowly improves over the next week. At the completion of these treatments, your skin will appear tighter, fuller, with less wrinkles and irregular skin discolorations.

Many patients combine the above treatments with a more targeted approach to fine lines and wrinkles with the use of Botox and facial fillers. Botox treatments soften the fine lines around your eyes and forehead, while the facial fillers like Juvaderm and Radiesse diminish the lines around your mouth while adding facial volume to areas depleted from the aging process. These techniques are simple to do, affordable, long-lasting and relatively painless procedures that do require the use of tiny needles. Most patients feel almost no discomfort or pain during these sessions with the prior application of anesthetic creams to the areas to be treated.

I believe you will see a dramatic improvement in your facial appearance that will make you look younger and more refreshed at the completion of these treatments without significant downtime
and discomfort.

QUESTION: There is so much information in the media regarding Tumescent Lipo,  SmartLipo and Vaser Lipo that it is difficult to understand which is best for me. Can you explain the differences?

ANSWER: Sure. TUMESCENT liposuction refers to the process of injecting a combination of saline water and a local anesthetic into the body area that is going to be treated prior to liposuction. This allows the surgeon to remove more fat with less blood loss, bruising and swelling. The method was introduced approximately twenty years ago and it revolutionized liposuction procedures. Today, it is the standard to include the tumescent method prior to performing all forms of liposuction.VASER liposuction refers to a method of using ultrasound heat energy to emulsify or melt the fat before suctioning the fat out of the body area. This technique was introduced almost ten years ago, and over the last three years the technology has become advanced enough to be able to produce excellent and consistent results.

The advantages of this technique over traditional liposuction methods, is that the ultrasound energy targets fat without injuring surrounding tissues like nerves and blood vessels. This produces better, smoother results without less skin injury, bruising and post-operative pain. The procedure can be done under local anesthesia for small areas of the body as well.
A more advanced type of VASER liposuction just recently introduced is High-Def liposuction. This technique is useful for producing muscle definition over the abdomen, chest wall and waist in patients that exercise frequently, are close to their ideal body weight and have low body fat content. This is a new process that is now starting to gain popularity in the United States, and should only be performed by surgeons with significant experience using the VASER ultrasound liposuction technology.

SMARTLipo is a method that utilizes laser energy to also melt fat prior to suctioning. It was introduced about one year ago in the United States and has gained in popularity. The advantages of this  method, is that the laser probe used to melt the fat is very small in diameter and can thus be introduced into the skin through a very small opening and performed under local anesthesia, as well. The disadvantage is that because the laser probe is so small, it requires longer operative times to do large sections of the body.

QUESTION: Due to the severe economic conditions today, is this the best time to have cosmetic procedures?

: In a difficult economy many people might decide to not have a cosmetic surgery procedure. Or at the very least, choose one that is less costly and invasive. However, there may be some benefits to getting your cosmetic surgery now instead of waiting until the economy turns around.

The first reason for having cosmetic surgery now is the lower prices that many cosmetic surgeons are offering to their patients. You will find that overall, the cost of a procedure is down considerably than it was just a short time ago. While you don’t want to bargain hunt for your plastic surgery, it is an advantageous position to be in when the quality surgeons are lowering the price of their procedure to entice patients. When the economy does turn around, there is little doubt that the prices will go right back up again. You might also find that having cosmetic surgery will help you in the job market. Appearances do matter when you are looking for a job. If you have been doing all that you can do to find a job in this economy and still have not been able to find one, cosmetic surgery might be able to help. The biggest benefit to having cosmetic surgery is the boost to your self confidence. When you feel confident, you will do much better when you are interviewing with prospective employers.

Cosmetic surgeons are now taking advantage of financing options for patients. You can have a procedure and not have a payment until much later. This will allow you to have the surgery and begin paying on it when the economy is turned around and things are looking better. Plus, you will be paying back a lower amount than you would if you wait.Cosmetic surgery is not a procedure that you should feel rushed into having. If you do all of the appropriate research before you have the surgery, you might just be able to get a good deal on that liposuction you have wanted. Just like any other item that you shop for, when there is no demand the price comes down.

Right now plastic surgeons are lowering their prices because they see a decline in the demand for their services. Just make sure that you do your part to research the surgery, the surgeon and the recovery process before you make your decision. If you have done all of your research and decided to wait for other reasons, you are even more prepared to have the surgery now. Consider your financing options and what can be gained from the procedure before you make a final decision.

While many people are cutting back on things that are not seen as essential, you could find some great rewards from having the procedure in a down economy. Money shouldn’t be your only reason for making the decision to have cosmetic surgery now. Your doctor should discuss your reasons with you before they determine if you are a good candidate for the surgery. But the economy may have put it in more people’s reach than every before.



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